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# Who am I? ![Me, in 26px](/content/avatar.png) Hi! I'm __Daniel "CoDi" Ludwig__. I develop video games. I joined the games industry about two decades ago, in '99. I worked as a software developer on multiple [PC and console games][mobygames] for __Reakktor Media__ and __keen Games__, as well as on one [freemium browser game][settlersonline] for __Ubisoft Blue Byte__. Nowadays I'm part of __[Robotality][robotality]__, a small independent games studio. ## Why "Code Disaster"? Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a group of friends were on the way home after school. They were chatting about their latest _achievements_ in MS-DOS games and graphics programming. Sharing war stories about their worst coding mishaps, one of them loudly exclaimed: _"Es ist ein Code Desaster!"_ I just happened to be one of the guys. At the time, everybody was _obligated_ to have a cool/silly/stupid nickname, and I've been using a particularly goony acronym nobody but me even knew the real meaning of. The moment my friend had spoken these words, I knew I had to commit a copyright infringement. Sorry, Jörg H. (, not sorry)! [mobygames]: http://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,97527/ [robotality]: http://robotality.com/ [settlersonline]: http://www.thesettlersonline.com/